COVID-19 Information

Cytokine Storm

In severe forms of COVID-19, the immune system can go into overdrive, through a process called “Cytokine Storm”. Read more about this in the New Scientist.


Rampage through the body

COVID-19 is a new disease, and every day we are learning more about how it affects our bodies. Read about possible effects beyond the lungs in Science.


Protecting the ageing immune system

Professor Janet Lord at University of Birmingham studies the ageing immune system, and how to protect it from the age-related decline that results in vulnerability to infections, including COVID-19. Read a short statement from her here. Watch her video on how to boost your immune system from home here.


The potential of ageing treatments to treat COVID-19

Read Alex Zhavoronkov’s piece in Aging Journal on why existing ageing strategies should be tested to treat COVID-19 and other infections affecting the elderly.