Our research is funded by the BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, Farming Innovation Programme, Royal Society, National Biofilms Innovation Centre, Kent Research and Innovation, Global Challenges Doctoral Centre and a Jane Irons PhD Studentship. We  thank our funders for enabling our research.

Research grants

Upcycled foods: Getting the Goodness out of Kent Cherries. Innovation research with industry funded by DEFRA Farming Innovation Programme. We are working with a local cherry orchard to develop new up cycled foods that promote age-related health.

The power of microbes: C. elegans as a model to identify microbiome effects on age-related muscle function. Project to identify molecular mechanisms by which host-microbe interactions alter age-related physiology and health funded by the BBSRC.

An industrial whole organism assay for biofilms made by pathogenic bacteria without the use of laboratory mammals. Collaboration with industrial partners Magnitude Biosciences and Perfectus Biomed funded by National Biofilms Innovation Centre.

C. elegans – a model system to study causation in the microbiome-gut-brain axis. Seed award from the Wellcome Trust to establish new model systems for microbiome research.

Identifying molecular host-microbiome interactions underlying ageing of the nervous system in C. elegans. Research grant from Royal Society to establish new model systems for microbiome research.