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Advise and evidence to policy makers

Report to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee: The scientific understanding of the ageing process, how research might lead to treatments for delaying ageing and the current and future status of the microbiome research field in relation to ageing by Marina Ezcurra

You can find the final report by the Committee here.

Report for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Human Microbiome: Gut microbiome, health and microbiome-based interventions by Marina Ezcurra

Media articles

Open Access Government: Why is research vital for generating the essential knowledge to ensure healthy ageing? by Marina Ezcurra

Society for Applied Microbiology: Dr Marina Ezcurra discusses healthy ageing by Marina Ezcurra

The Conversation: Coronavirus: why we need to keep protecting the over-70s by Marina Ezcurra

Ezcurra Lab PhD Student Mireya Vazquez-Prada blogs about winning the Korenchevsky Award and attending AGE2022


Upcycled foods – getting the goodness out of Kent cherries: Innovative research in the Ezcurra and Tullet labs featured in an iTV newsclip

Microbiota-Brain Axis In Health, Disease, and Aging: Dr Marina Ezcurra interviewed in Progress, Potential and Possibilities (1.4K views).

Innovating for the Future at Kent – Using gut bacteria to develop new health solutions: Dr Marina Ezcurra featured at British Science Week.

Expert comments

New Scientist: Tiny worm sacrifices itself to make milk for its hatching offspring by Michael Marshall

The Express: Why are the elderly more vulnerable to COVID-19? by Izzie Deibe

Patient: How getting older affects your sleep by Natalie Healey

Our research featured in the media

Daily Telegraph: Human ageing not caused by wear and tear but unhelpful genes, study suggests by Sarah Knapton

Science: Worms may age because they cannibalize their own intestines by Mitch Leslie